New Clip-in hinge


New Clip-in hinge

EMKA developed an ingeniously simple, thereby very cost effective but nevertheless very sturdy hinge. The clip-in hinge is distinguished for reaching a high capacity at axial load of 430 N and it is easy to assemble.

Two identical plastic hinge halves complement each other by simply clipping in to a highly resilient hinge.

By screwing the hinge, the clip-in function is suppressed. The hinge halves are highly resilient interconnected.

Product description

  • Plastic hinge consisting of two identical hinge halves
  • Mounting by plugging the two halves together
  • Pinning“ is provided by two spring-loaded pins
  • Spring effect is cancelled by fixation to the frame/at the door
  • Suitable for supporting high radial and axial loads
  • Standard cut out 1056 program
  • Completely made of PA6 GF30
  • Patent protected
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