YED274 - Test Contactor for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Modules


Sealed MIL-Grade D-Type Series

RF Immunity has launched new line of LOW COST Hermetically Sealed D-Type series of military grade for harsh environmental conditions. The company has optimized and specialized in sealing technique based on epoxy and silicon.

D38999 Connectors

The D38999 connector series meets the stringent MIL-DTL-38999 specifications and are well suited for the harsh environments of military and aerospace applications

1110 Hinges - Emka

Emka Hinges with Opening angle 180°

Fast SD Card Readers now with High Speed Functionality

The FPS017T series was developed for generation 4.0 SD cards and therefore meets UHS-II requirements

HPRC INS2730W The best Solution

The main feature of this lightweight suitcase - only 9,40kg - is the internal foam which guarantees a great degree of flexibility in order to fit the needs of different users.


New member in the Fakra/HSD family

This connector system is used for signals like USB or IEEE1394, for example. For the HSD interface, signals are transmitted using LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signalling).

Industrial Y-ConRJ45 Profix plug 90° CAT 6A

Yamaichi Electronics has implemented this successfully in the new CFP2 connector as one of the first manufacturers.

New Clip-in hinge

Two identical plastic hinge halves complement each other by simply clipping in to a highly resilient hinge.
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